Christmas and New Year's Eve Features 🎅 ❄️ 🎶

So many of you have told us that they are planning Christmas and New Year's Eve parties on Wonder. So we came up with some special holiday features to add some holiday flair to your parties on Wonder.

  1. There is a magic Christmas button! 🎅
  2. We curated some Christmas and New Year's Eve backgrounds for you. You find them under Settings -> Host-settings -> Room backgrounds.

Note: If you're having any difficulties turning off the music, please refresh the page.

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  • The music feature is a great idea and something that was lacking when I organised a recent office party on wonder. Would be great to integrate a way of the host being able to set a music source or playlist and guests be able to turn it on our off

  • Hey Ed,

    We are working on adding such a feature! Thank you for the feedback!


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