Browsers Automatcially Blocking Video Autoplay (my video does not work)

As of late, Web Browsers, such as Chrome, are restricting autoplay of videos to improve the user experience. In some cases, this will result in the video features of Wonder not functioning, especially during Broadcast mode (IE unable to see the broadcaster).

To prevent this, make sure 'autoplay block' is disabled in your browser. Or simply "accept" the notification from Wonder about "disabling autoplay block".


To understand what exactly this means for you, please see Google's comments here.






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  • The music feature is a great idea and something that was lacking when I organised a recent office party on wonder. Would be great to integrate a way of the host being able to set a music source or playlist and guests be able to turn it on our off

  • Hey Ed,

    We are working on adding such a feature! Thank you for the feedback!

  • I tried to find the feature in "Chrome"  - 'autoplay block' is disabled 

    But I cannot find it. Where and how to do this? Thank you for your reply. 



  • any update on integrating a share music feature?

  • Not yet, you can add your vote here :)


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