Understanding the Limits to the Room, Areas, and Circles

In Wonder, the hierarchy of space is as follows:

  • "Rooms" are the things you open that host as virtual spaces. They can host up to 1500 people in one room!
  • A room can have 15 "Areas" which serve as congregation spaces. There is no limit to how many people or circles can be in an area.
  • A conversation is referred to as a "Circle". Each conversation circle can host 15 people. As soon as this limit is reached any user who wants to join the circle is informed about the limit and not allowed in the circle. Just like in offline events most circles stay much smaller than 15 users since guests appreciate more intimate conversations.

Tip: If you want to speak to more users as a host, you can use the broadcasting mode that allows you to speak to all the guests at once.

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