My room has not been sent to me per e-mail

Most likely our e-mail was hidden away by e-mail clients in the category tabs (Gmail) such as Update or Promotion. Or worse, they get into the Spam folder. If after checking those folders you still didn't find our e-mail, please contact us! We will make sure you receive your room asap. 

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  • Hi guys. I am also waiting for a room for 2 weeks now after trying 3 times and opening a support ticket. We are kind of running out of time for a 500+ online event and would love to use wonder as networking option. What can I do?

  • I'm in the same boat as Daniel. Requested a room a week ago, with no follow up from using the support tickets multiple times. Our 600+ event already began, but runs for a month long, so we still have many opportunities to use Wonder. Hoping it comes through soon!


    -Delivered about 11 days after request, but works flawlessly :) Wish I could customize where the room areas are, but it's a fun experience nonetheless.

  • My room link arrived promptly by email but it doesn't work, all it does it take me back to the homepage! Please help!

  • Same as A Lee. Link arrived, back to homepage ...

  • Link arrived, back to homepage. I am looking forward to be able to get in.

  • Sorry for a me too, but I have same problem.. sent link but just takes me to home page.

  • Same as A Lee...... link arrived, but back to only homepage..... :(

  • Same as A Lee. Was pleasantly surprised to receive the room link within 24 hours, given that the likelihood of delay was flagged up, but then disappointed to find the room link provided does not work. As others have said - it just re-directs back to the home page. Emailed support, but no response as yet.

    Looks like we'll have to stick with Zoom for our planned social events. You should have under-promised and over-delivered. Would have preferred to have waited longer for the link and have it working, than having to wait and 'Wonder' when/whether it will ever work. 

  • I have the same problem with my URL. Is there any solution?

  • I am having the same problem. I hosted 2 prior events on YoTribe and it worked great! I have a 3rd event (similar to the first 2) and was hoping to use YoTribe/Wonder, but requested a room twice now in the last few weeks and have not received one. The event is tomorrow and am trying to figure out a backup plan! 


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