How to create new rooms?

Creating a new room is simple. You go into one of your existing rooms, click the button in the bottom right corner that says Get Wonder (right next to Leave), fill out the form and the new room will be e-mailed to you within a few minutes. 


Please note: This new room will not be connected to the original room. Every room is its independent entity. If you would like to have your guests move from one room to the other, you have to provide the links to all the rooms to your guests. Instead of working with several rooms, we recommend using room areas. This way you can give structure to your room without splitting up your guests. And since the room size adjusts itself to the number of guests within it everyone gets enough space, even in very large groups.

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  • The bottom right corner of what? I don't see a "Get Wonder" button anywhere on this page.

  • Hi Eleanore, Thank you for your comment and sorry for not being specific. I'm referring to the bottom right corner of your existing room. Enter the room and you will see the Get Wonder button right next to the Leave button. I hope that clears things up! Greetings, Pascal

  • Thank you for the quick response. I don't have an existing room--I've requested a room a few times, beginning last week, and I still don't have one. I really need it by tomorrow morning so I can test it before my event. Is this possible?

  • Hi Eleanore, it must have ended up in your spam folder. Our system says we have sent you the room. But no worries, I have just e-mailed you the room again. Greetings, Pascal


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