Setup your room

After creating a room (see this article), you can theoretically go ahead and invite your guests. There is nothing else required from your side. 

However.. if you prefer to go fancy with your room there are a bunch of customization options to play around with! You find all of them in the Settings under the section Host Settings. Here is a quick rundown:


Add room areas

With room areas you make it easier for guests to navigate the room and move to the topics that are the most interesting for them. This way they easily find like-minded people and it makes for a great conversation start. Simply add them by adding titles in the Room Areas section of the Settings. Wonder currently supports up to 15 room areas.


Customize the background of your room

You can either define a color or upload an background image. Follow the instructions on top for format and size. If you choose a background image, make sure it works with the rest of the design (a white background would not be the best idea for example). Also, it might make sense to choose something calming to avoid confusing your guests. 

Tip: There are a few templates that serve as an inspiration. You can also download those templates as a PowerPoint document and edit it. This way you have the right format right from the get-go.


Protect your room with a guest password

Make sure only wanted guests show up to your event by protecting your room with a password. After defining a guest password everyone clicking on the room link must first enter the guest password. Make sure to share this password along the guest-link to the room when inviting guests. You can easily update the guest password later. Note the guest password down somewhere as you yourself will need it to access the room. If you lost your guest password, you can contact us here so we can reset it for you. 


Add an ice-braker question

Help your guests with a conversation starter such as the company they work for, their interests or anything else that is relevant to your community. You can just enter/adjust the ice-braker question in the input field available. Every guest will be asked the ice-braker question before entering the room. 


Update the room name

In case you got inspired and have a more catchy room name, you can always adjust it within the host settings. Make sure the room name is not too long so that it stands out on all devices.


That's it! 🙂 Coming up next: How to invite your guests.. 🚀


If you think something crucial is missing here, simply let us know and we will build it!


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  • Very Confused. I have a room - I've now logged in, now I cant see my URL link and I fact I dont see a place that my link is effectively something I can share.

  • The website doesn't indicate what I'm meant to do  - it only appeals to a new user.

  • I have a room link but the link doesn't show the interface (or a page) that has a "get wonder' button.

    The link leads to homepage. please help.


  • Same Problem for me: I got a "personalized" link - that leads only to the normal webpage and no personal room. Please explain / help. Does somebody read these comments?

  • Yes, same problem for me. I got a 'personalized link' but I can't find the 'Settings'-Section. Would be great to have a detailed description where to finde the settings ... Thanks in advance for your answer in the name of all above users with the same problem .. :-)

  • Same problem for me - please help! 🙏 

  • I've got the same problem. The link I've got is just linking to the main page. 


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