Create a room

There are two scenarios:

1) You have not yet received a room from us

Signup for a room through our website. After signup, we will send your room per e-mail within 2 business days.

2) You already have a room

You can create new rooms by clicking on the Get Wonder button in the bottom right corner of your existing room. You will get your room within a few minutes per e-mail. You can also create a room for someone else by entering their e-mail in the form instead of yours. Rooms are not connected to each other in any way. 

Access your room

In both cases, you will receive an e-mail with the host-link and the guest-link to the new room. Click the host-link to define a host password. Make sure to note down the host password so that you can share it with others who should get host access to this room. Thereafter you are automatically authenticated as a host and you can start with the setup for your room

The guest-link you will use to invite your guests to the room. 


Please note: All rooms are continuously available. They never close or expire. You can reuse rooms for various events or create new ones. Whatever you prefer! 🙂



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  • It would be great if you guys did a video of how Wonder works. :v)

  • Hi Karl, I have good news for you. Here is a video that should give you a good first overview:

    Also, we are working on more!

    Greetings, Pascal 

  • Hi I received a personalized room link, but the link is not working. The link leads me to homepage.

    I do not see the Get Wonder button in the bottom right corner of your existing room. Please help.

    Is this Flash or something special program that I need to download? Is this only for PC? I use a Mac bookpro and Chrome.


    Thank you.


  • I've the same problem as Saeri :)

  • I have the same problem. The link is just linking to the main page. And I use Windows 10 and not Mac so it's not a Mac problem


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