Supported Devices and Browsers

Supported Devices

  • Wonder is designed for and best experienced on a desktop or laptop computer.
  • While not optimized for a mobile device, Wonder can also run a "lite" version of the software for those connecting via an ios/android mobile device. Please note, you will be able to enter the room on your mobile device, speak, and hear and see others; however, your video will not be enabled.
  • Wonder does not currently function on tablets. This includes ipads, samsung tablets, and other similar devices.


Wonder supports all major browsers, except Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, and older versions of Edge (versions earlier than 87). 

Recommended for lite mobile version:

Android: Firefox or Chrome
Iphone: Safari

Tip: Advise your guests to update their browsers before the event; this will help avoid technical issues when the event is live.

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