Troubleshooting Guide: Most Common Issues

Squashing technical issues! Together!

General Accessibility:

Wonder not working? Room won’t open? Audio and video issues?

I can't access the room!

  • Make sure you have entered/clicked the right URL
  • Are you blocked by a Network Administrator or VPN?
  • Make sure you have not rejected video or audio access in your browser. Also, make sure your browser had video and audio access to your computer (system preferences of your operating system on macOS or Windows).
  • Try to open the room in a different browser and/or supported device. (Chrome or Edge)

People can't see or hear me!

  • Make sure your camera is not covered by anything.
  • Go in the Settings and click on: Video Input Source or Audio Input Source and change the source until it works for you.
  • Make sure your browser is allowed to access audio/video/screen-share. Go into the system preferences of your operating system (MacOS or Windows) and allow your browser to access the audio or video of your computer.
  • If it still doesn't work:
    • Remove all external microphone or video devices
    • Enter the room through a different browser

I can't hear or see others!

  • Make sure you move your avatar close to them so that a bubble appears around you. Only if your avatars are close enough, a video chat opens.
  • If you are inside a bubble but you can't see or hear them, enter the room through a different browser

Still not working? Send us a message:

PLEASE include the device you are using, operating system, browser, and browser version.

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