What are areas?

Areas are spaces for your guests to congregate, meet, or navigate to. They act as a marker within your Wonder room.

To create an Area, click “Areas” in the host settings and add your titles.

Wonder currently supports up to 15 room areas.

Currently, it is not possible to further customize the Areas (location, size, content) but this is something we are working on implementing.

 Please note: the position of areas differ depending on the screen size of each user. So we do not recommend working with room background and area combinations in which the areas have to be positioned in a specific spot.




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  • Does a Room Area have any special significance other than designating a space in the room for people to meet?  In other words, when they get to a room area does new functionality become available, or is it just like Yotribe in that it's just a space in the room where people can meet?


  • Hi Horace,

    Thank you for this question! Currently, it is what you described: a designated place within the room where people interested in the same topic can meet. Soon we are going to add room area specific features. E.g. you will be able to do a broadcast to just one specific area, or you can place media components within an room area, etc.

    If you yourself have specific wishes on what we should do with room areas, feel free to post them here: https://support.wonder.me/hc/en-us/community/topics/360000830258-Feature-Requests

    Greetings, Pascal


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